Our Story

The now family owned and run business (Keen World Marketing Ltd) started back in 1967 with just four products and just a few customers in the south east of England. Geoff Keen, one of three partners, had a history in the aerosol industry and had the necessary contacts to be able to introduce Pine Deodorising Air Freshener, Universal Insect Killer and a Fly Spray. At the same time working with another partner with connections to the tobacco industry the company introduced the Newport Butane Cigarette Lighter Refill a unique product capable of refilling all butane cigarette lighters. This product was very quickly a great success with sales growing throughout the UK and overseas.

Having bought out the partners Geoff Keen continued to increase sales and slowly expand the product ranges ably assisted by a very loyal and capable team.

More recently under new management there has been a total transformation in the business with systems upgrades, product review, redesign and range expansion and new marketing and sales strategies.  The future looks very bright for Keen Newport Global Ltd.